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Todotxt the Clean Way on OS X

July 12, 2016 — Dan Cocos

I saw these instructions but they will break everytime brew updates todo-txt

Also note my homebrew is installed in /opt/homebrew but yours is likely installed in /usr/local/ so change accordingly.

brew update brew install todo-txt mkdir ~/Dropbox/todo cd ~/Dropbox/todo touch todo.txt todo.txt.bak report.txt done.txt cp /usr/local/opt/todo-txt/todo.cfg ~/Dropbox/todo/

Add the following to ~/bash_profile

source $(brew --prefix)/opt/todo-txt/etc/bash_completion.d/todo_completion complete -F _todo t alias t="$(brew --prefix)/bin/ -d $HOME/Dropbox/todo/todo.cfg" souce ~/.bash_profile Tags: Dropbox, todotxt, bash, hacks

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First Post

June 27, 2016 — Dan Cocos

I've started blogging again using a bash bashed blogging tool. Posts are written with VI, like a boss.

Tags: meta, bash

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