Dan Cocos is a Principal and CTO at BAO Systems, a cloud hosting company focusing on DHIS 2. I work managing the team and infrastructure for our DHIS 2 hosting clients.

Earlier in my career, I worked with the wonderful team at Echo & Co where I spent time helping great organizations fight for social justice and preserve the enviroment using PHP, Drupal and Wordpress. I've consulted for the United States Census Bureau on wireless and web technologies. I worked with Orbitz to help improve and scale the now defunct Away.com website. I helped to move the teacher registration at the National Education Association to the web. I've also worked with several startups that were lucky enough to be acquired.

In my spare time I can be found biking around Capitol Hill and playing poker.

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Please note, you can no longer see me on Facebook, not because I blocked you but because I closed my account.

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