This may be obvious to a lot a of people but I’m new to Jekyll, Ruby and hosting on Github. Getting the basic site up and running was pretty easy and while I wanted to make some tweaks here and there I could live without them.

Recently though I read about Counterscale and I wanted to add it to my site, it should have been simple to just add the <script> tags to the header but everything I read online talked about making a change to the files in _layouts

I could not for the life of me find this folder or the files.

After a ton of searching this Stack Overflow answer finally make it clear bundle show minima let me know where the templates files existed on my laptop. I then copied over the _includes _layouts and _sass files to the root of my repo and now I could make changes to the templates. I added the script.

Note to do it the “right way” wrap the Counterscale script in a if jekyll.environment == 'production' block so that you only collect stats when deployed.